Founded in 1921, the Maryland State Golf Association fulfills its constitutional mandate by promoting the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions; sponsoring and conducting state tournaments as well as USGA qualifying rounds each year; educating and informing Maryland golfers about changes in the Rules of Golf; fostering respect for the game of golf as well as its Rules; and awarding scholarships.
Over six months of competition are provided by the MSGA, including 13 State Championships, 4 qualifiers, 2 interstate competitions, 2 intrastate competition and 3 USGA local qualifiers.
One-Day Events
In 2012, the MSGA introduced one-day Four-Ball events which are open to men and women golfers of all ages and abilities.  Currently there are six one-day Four-Ball events throughout the season.  
Handicap Service
The Maryland Handicap Program is a joint venture with the Middle Atlantic Section of the PGA providing handicap services to 159 clubs with over 40,000 members. The Maryland Handicap Program currently offers two levels of service:

Full Hardware Program – Under this program the MHP will provide the club with all the necessary computer equipment to run the handicap and tournament software. This program includes maintenance of the equipment, regular upgrades, as well as customer support of the software. This program requires 150 golfers and is $18.00 per golfer.

Software Program – The software program provides the club with the handicap and tournament software and customer support of the software. This program requires 25 golfers and is $15.00 per golfer.

In addition, all online services are included with participation in the Maryland Handicap Program. Individuals can maintain their handicap on-line anywhere with an internet connection through your online profile created at http://msganetwork.org; which includes revisions sent to directly to your email on the revision date. 
A scoring and handicap manager APP is also available for iPhone and Android by searching MSGA in your APP store. 
Course Rating
The MSGA rates golf courses on a ten-year rotation in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the USGA. The course rating department evaluates the difficulty of the golf course for both a scratch golfer and bogey golfer, with the Course Rating established for the scratch golfer and the Bogey Rating established for the bogey player. Ratings are included in member dues ($3,000 value). The course ratings are the foundation of the process that allows any player with a valid MSGA/USGA Handicap Index to fairly compete against any other player with a MSGA/USGA Handicap Index. All Maryland course ratings are available here.
The Women's Division
Organized in 1995, the Maryland State Golf Association Women’s Division has dramatically enhanced the association’s programs for women golfers around the state. The women’s division currently provides nine championships throughout the state of Maryland. Since its formation, the Women’s Division has added three very successful competitions – the Two-Woman Mid-Handicap Championship, the Women’s Open, and the Women’s Mid-Amateur. Additionally, the WD has increased the participation in the Girls’ Junior and developed an interstate competition between Maryland junior girls and their counterparts in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The women have also conducted their own highly popular annual Rules of Golf Seminar and have expanded the utilization of resources through the USGA’s Women’s Regional Affairs Committee. In sum, the MSGA Women’s Division has quickly become an exceptionally active and positive part of golf in the State of Maryland.
Junior Golf
The MSGA conducts a State Junior Boys Championship, the Father-Son Championship, and participates in the Mid-Atlantic Junior Invitational; which includes a team competition between the best junior golfers in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. In addition, the MSGA supports the local First Tee Chapter with financial contributions. 
Rules of Golf Service
The MSGA conducts Rules of Golf seminars throughout the state for member clubs and individual groups. The MSGA staff is available to answer rules inquiries for member clubs or any of our 40,000 individual members. For further details about seminars for member clubs click here
Handicap Seminars
The MSGA offers Handicap Seminars to all member clubs and is available to answer questions any questions regarding the USGA Handicap System.
MSGA Club Memberships
There are currently two types of membership available through the MSGA:

Type 1 Membership – A Type 1 club is one that is located at a single specific golf course with a valid USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating where a majority of the club’s events are played and where the club’s scoring records reside. Dues for this type of membership are $300 per year

Type 2 Membership – The members of a Type 2 club are affiliated, or known to one another, via business, fraternal, ethnic, or social organization. The majority of the club members had an affiliation prior to organizing the club. Dues for this type of membership are $50 per year.
Government Relations
The Board and Staff of the Maryland State Golf Association work with the Middle Atlantic Golf Course Superintendents Association and turfgrass industry organizations to monitor legislation that could affect the game of golf in the State of Maryland and periodically assists with related testimony before state legislative committees.
USGA P.J. Boatwright Internship
In cooperation with the USGA, the MSGA offers a six month internship, which is designed as a comprehensive training program for individuals interested in a career in golf administration. The MSGA currently employs two individuals who have completed this internship program.
USGA Liaisons
The MSGA has many current and past board members/representatives serving on various USGA committees. In addition, the MSGA is a key factor in helping the USGA with handicap compliance, administering USGA qualifiers, processing reinstatements to amateur status and assuring a coordinated effort in all processes involving the Course and Slope Rating system.
MSGA Website (www.msga.org)
The MSGA website is the key element for all information and activities related to our operation. Features that the MSGA website offers our members include:

• Handicap lookup and score posting
• Up-to-the-minute tournament results and live scoring
• Club locator and course directory
• Course/Slope rating database
• Updated news and tournament results
• Tournament schedules, information and starting times
• Online tournament registration
• Player of the year updates
Patron Member Program
The MSGA has partnered with the Victory Golf Pass, which entitles members to special deals at over 300 courses in the region. The membership includes: MSGA Patron Member bag tag, Victory Golf Pass with information on all the courses, and subscription to the MSGA Magazine.  Proceeds will support scholarships and junior golf. Full details can be found by clicking the Discount Golf icon.
MSGA Scholarship Programs
The MSGA Scholarship Fund has been established to provide undergraduate scholarships to needy and deserving individuals who are either an employee or dependent of an employee of a Member Club of the association or a student with a strong connection to the game of golf. The scholarship program is open to those individuals who have provided services as employees and/or their children to MSGA member clubs/courses for a minimum of two (2) years, and/or students who have completed their junior year of high school with a bona fide connection to golf. The MSGA is proud to have awarded the Emmet Gary Turf Scholarship to University of Maryland students pursuing a career in turf management. This scholarship has been awarded to deserving students since 1969, totaling almost $250,000 in tuition assistance.
MSGA Junior Grant Program
The program was established in 2016 to provide financial assistance to junior golfers from Maryland who have the playing ability to compete in junior golf competitions at the regional and/or national level but whose participation is limited by financial constraints.  The program will reimburse up to $500 for expenses incurred while participating in tournaments.  Boys and girls ages 15-18 are eligible to apply.  
Player of the Year
Since 2007, the MSGA has honored a Player of the Year and a Senior Player of the Year at the Annual Meeting in November. Players will receive points based on their respective finishing place in certain Championships; and the amateur player who accumulates the greatest number of points will be the "Player of the Year", and the Senior Amateur with the most points will be the "Senior Player of the Year". In order to earn points, contestants must be amateur golfers who are current members of the club they represent and whose club is a current member in good standing of the MSGA. This includes being in compliance with USGA/MSGA Handicap Certification Program. Points will be awarded only for the gross portion of any event. A "Regular Player" is an eligible player 54 years of age or younger. A "Senior Player" is an eligible player 55 years of age or older. Players must have reached their 55th birthday prior to the start of any event. Points earned will count toward their respective age division's accumulative points list.
Intercollegiate Competitions
The MSGA Rules and Competitions department assists in the conduction of local collegiate competitions including rules, course marking and setup.
Amateur Reinstatement Services
The MSGA collaborates with the USGA in assisting individuals with the process of regaining their amateur status. Rules, applications, frequently asked questions and all status updates are maintained on the MSGA website.
Preserving and Protecting the Game
The Maryland State Golf Association functions as the primary voice of the United States Golf Association in the State of Maryland. The Association conducts area qualifying rounds for a number of the USGA National Championships, most notably for the United States Open (Local), the United States Amateur, and the US Senior Amateur. Rules officials of the MSGA are also very active at other area USGA qualifiers conducted under the auspices of other regional golf associations. The MSGA monitors amateur status in the area and processes Amateur Reinstatement Applications for those who seek to regain their amateur status. The Maryland State Golf Association serves as a source of information to the USGA as it formulates golf policy on a national and international basis. In striving to conduct its Championships according to The Rules of Golf under sporting conditions, the Maryland State Golf Association seeks to establish the highest possible standards in the local administration of the greatest game of all.


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